Monday, July 17, 2006

Piggs Peak Casino renews their dedicated advertiser location

Piggs Peak Casino, sponsor of the All Africa Poker Tournament, has renewed their Dedicated Advertiser Location (DAL) campaign on DSTV, following phenomenal response to their first campaign, which featured the May 2006 event. The renewal is for another two weeks and will run with newly-released episode footage of the tournament.

Piggs Peak Group Marketing Manager, Wendy Graaf, says, “We are excited to be able to provide subscribers with high quality poker content, featuring local talent. It is apparent that there is a large following of live poker, as more than 186,000 unique viewers interacted with our DAL during a two week period in April.”

“The ability to measure viewership through interaction with the content on the DAL has been an invaluable tool, and played a large part in our decision to commit to another campaign.”

The 5th in this series of tournaments will be broadcast on DStv’s Channel 121 from 17th to 31st July 2006.

Since the launch of DALs on DStv in 2004, Oracle Airtime Sales and Multichoice Africa have run over 30 successful interactive advertising campaigns for a variety of clients and brands. These campaigns have ranged from simple non-video brand and awareness campaigns to three-tier video channels launching new products/brands.
With DAL viewer-ship ranging from 9 – 23% of all DStv adults and average time spent in channel ranging from one minute – nine minutes, DALs are very quickly becoming sought-after properties. By adding this new dynamic to the existing marketing mix, viewers are able interact with a campaign out of choice and at their own leisure. As DALs provide a richer, deeper brand experience, the viewer is afforded a more detailed insight into the brands or product being promoted.

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