Thursday, July 20, 2006


Experienced poker players will tell you that they encounter bad beats regularly and they definitely are no reason to celebrate! However, for a 3 Piggs Poker seasoned player, who goes by the alias James, a Bad Beat meant a stroke of luck and a large amount of money.

The jackpot amount of R90,748.39 was shared amongst eight players who were delighted with their luck. James walked away with the lion’s share of the Jackpot of R45,374.21. Hotspur18 won R22,687.10 and the remaining six players at the table each received R3,781.18, just for being in the hand!

The Bad Beat Jackpot immediately re-started and is currently sitting at just under R30,000 - so watch this space for the next Bad Beat! Even if you lose, you still win with 3 Piggs Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot!

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