Thursday, May 18, 2006


Online shoppers can breathe a sigh of relief and so can online merchants. Since the early days of e-commerce, consumers have feared that their financial information is less secure online than off. This has fueled concerns in the South African online market that caused late adopter consumers to avoid purchasing online. This however seems to be a concern no greater than using your credit card at the local brick and mortar shopping centre, according to a new study, from the Merchant Risk Council (MRC), which shows that the fraud rates for online stores are now similar to the fraud rates suffered at conventional stores.

MRC figures indicate that card-present fraudulent chargeback rates in stores are usually less than 0.1% of sales. In the recent survey, 48% of the online retailers who responded said that their chargeback rates match that level, representing a significant improvement over previous years when online fraud outpaced card present fraud by as much as five times.

According to Julie Fergerson, these figures show a positive trend but she is quick to add that although there is an improvement, online retailers need to be vigilant when ensuring their consumers safety." In recent years online merchants like Piggs Peak Internet Casino have adopted fraud prevention tools such as address verification systems and customer follow up and this has clearly helped prevent fraud. All new accounts opened at Piggs Peak are followed up with a phone call to verify all details including Identity number and Address. Players at Piggs Peak are also required to send a copy of Identity the first time any cash out transaction is made at the online casino.

Online gaming, which is fast becoming a world wide phenomenon, is sure to arouse concerns about safety when playing online. Using reputable sites like Piggs Peak Internet Casino is a must when gambling on the Internet. Piggs Peak uses state of the art software powered by Microgaming Systems, the world leader of online gaming technology since 1994. The software works through Secure Socket Layer (128-bit SSL) Digital Encryption, Microgaming’s built-in tried and tested fraud protection software. This is the standard for all security transactions over the internet, and means you can trust in the security of your game play and banking transactions at Piggs Peak Casino.

This relevance of safety measures is high due to a number of sources reporting that in terms of Internet connectivity, online advertising and e-commerce, many parts of Africa are making progress. According to information from All Africa global Media, Internet connectivity in Africa is growing at a faster pace than any other region in the world.

Clickz, citing the CIA "World Fact book," reported that there are 23.5 million Internet users in Africa, "Of just over 900 million African residents, about 2.5% are online, compared to the worldwide average of 16%. Since 2000, the number of Internet users in Africa has grown 400%."

Consumers are waking up to the fact that online transaction equals greater convenience. In a market orientated economy, satisfying consumer needs in a more efficient and effective way translates into a win-win for consumers and companies. Gambling Online at Piggs Peak casino is so appealing due to its inherent convenience. Dynamic gambling is available at the click of a mouse, anytime and virtually anywhere, with no compromise on online purchase safety and total peace of mind.

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