Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Live Bigg with the Pigg

This weekend, 21st to 23rd April, saw the semi finalists in Piggs Peak Casino’s fantastic new promotion “Live Bigg with the Pigg” head down to Piggs Peak Hotel and Casino, nestled in the majestic mountains of the Swaziland Kingdom, to compete for a place in the final to be held in Johannesburg on the 7th July where one lucky person will drive away in an Opel Tigra Cabriolet valued at R200,000!

The players arrived on Friday and were able to spend the evening with the friendly staff at the Hotel as they were welcomed, wined and dined. Saturday was a fun filled day spent swimming and basking in the glorious African sun. Some of the more adventurous guests went horse riding, hiking, put-putting and exploring the many sights and scenes that make Swaziland such a beautiful and diverse country.

As the sun sank below the rolling Swazi mountains, guests waited in eager anticipation for the evening’s draw, were 2 lucky players would be the ultimate winners of the first qualifier session. The draw took place at Mongo’s restaurant. The chic blend of hedonistic African décor and delicious food was a fleeting distraction for the nail biting draw that was minutes away.
Not a moment too soon, the time had come for a spin of the reel to determine the fate of the players. An extremely fair and strict code of conduct was adhered to when hosting the draw. Players choose concealed numbers and the number they drew determined the order in which they would spin the slots reel. The slot machine only had numbers on the reel and the object was to get the highest number on the middle line of the slots machine. Under the watchful eye of the magnanimous casino manager and draw host, Terrance Leibbrandt, the final scores played out as follows:-

LB 885
SM 798
DC 768
PK 675
WA 454
CM 254
LN 251
FB 135

A big congratulations to LB and SM, who are the 2 contestants who will be competing for the über sexy Opel Tigra Cabriolet worth R200 000, and even if they do not win the car, there are over R100 000 in cash prizes up for grabs on the 7th July, now that winning bigg with a double gee.

The remaining guests who did not qualify all commented that even though they did not win a place in the finals, they felt that they were already winners. All this due to the friendly hospitality, mouth watering cuisine and relaxing experience that is part of Piggs Peak Hotel and Casino. As the guests sadly left the gracious staff and majestic mountains of Piggs Peaks, they vowed to return to this unspoilt gem on Africa’s continent.

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Monday, April 03, 2006


Reality TV is set for a taste of the thrills, anguish and ultimate stakes of the fast-paced world of poker, as DSTV, in collaboration with Piggs Peak Casino, Swaziland launches Southern Africa’s first televised poker tournament – one which saw the creation of Africa’s first poker millionaire.

The largest poker tournament on the continent, the All Africa Poker Tournament was proudly hosted by Piggs Peak Hotel & Casino, Swaziland, in February this year. And from 3 to 17 April, DSTV viewers can share in the excitement and witness the highs and lows, nail-biting anticipation and ultimate test of gaming skill, as passionate poker players pit their skill and luck against one another to claim a share of an ever increasing prize pool.

With over R2 million at stake, with a first prize of R1 million, this was more than a game of chance and culminated in a twenty hour World Series of Poker-style, Texas Hold-Em marathon with 90 hopefuls ranging in age from 21 to 74, from novices to seasoned players, putting their skills to the ultimate test. With Lady Luck adding an element of unpredictability, the grand finale was a nail-biting finish to three days of anticipation, anxiety and tension, with moments of disappointment for some and elation for others – the perfect mix for TV viewers with a taste for exciting reality.

Watch the poker action for the very first time in Southern Africa, as the road to R1 million and poker stardom awaits one talented and lucky individual, creating a new breed of potential poker legends.

The All Africa Poker Tournament was filmed and packaged into six action-packed episodes, which are being broadcast on DSTV Channel 111 24/7 from 3rd April – 17th April 2006..


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