Monday, March 20, 2006

Winning on losing poker hands

Who says that playing on a low stakes tables cannot yield high stakes results? The Bad Beat Jackpot on 3 Piggs Poker has been climbing steadily and was sitting at an incredible R126,404.29! Most players have been longing to claim it, often eluding the most seasoned player.

A Straight Flush is a special event on any occasion, and enough to get excited about in its own right ... but at the R5/R10 table at 3 Piggs online Poker Room, a Bad Beat hand created even more excitement.

A Bad Beat typically occurs when you lose in a situation where you're the big favourite to win the hand. The rules are simple: four or more players must be dealt into the hand, the losing hand must be Four-of-a-Kind - 8’s or better, the hand of the winner and loser must include the hole cards and the hand must go to a showdown, and the hand must have contributed to the jackpot to qualify.

On Thursday afternoon, 16th March 2006, the Bad Beat Jackpot was won in spectacular fashion. Sitting at the R5/R10 table were 10 eager players.

The hole cards were dealt and five players folded. Ant had pocket 9’s, Diamonds and Hearts; WILDDOG_SA held 8 and 7 of Clubs, waxdabox had pocket 6’s, Spades and Diamonds, oldshoe had 4 and 3 of Hearts while TAMETHETIGER had Ace of Diamonds and 3 of Clubs. A round of betting ensued and then the Flop was dealt, 9 of Spades and Jack and 9 of Clubs. Oldshoe, waxdabox and TAMETHETIGER folded.

Betting ensued by the remaining 2 Players, the Turn was dealt and showed a 3 of Diamonds. Ant now sat with Four-of-a-Kind 9’s, an incredibly strong poker hand. WILDDOG_SA bet and was called by Ant, the two players waited in anticipation for the River, which yielded a 10 of Clubs, giving WILDDOG_SA Straight Flush and Ant a Four of a Kind 9’s.

The hands were revealed and an incredulous Ant was beaten by WILDDOG_SA, who pocketed the pot of R567.00. This hand qualified as the hand to topple the Bad Beat Jackpot.

All the players at the table walked away with plenty of extra money. Ant took a whopping R63 202.17 (50% of the Jackpot), 25% went of the jackpot went to WILDDOG_SA who pocketed R31 601.08 and the remaining 25% was paid out to the remaining players who each received a fantastic R3 950.13.

You're a winner even if you have a losing hand with 3 Piggs Poker's Bad Beat Jackpot ... get to 3 Piggs Poker at, download and open your account today! See you at the tables!

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