Wednesday, March 22, 2006

7 Wonders of the Digital World

Volcanic Gold Online Casino is currently running a large scale promotion from 13th March until 30th April. The name of the promotion is “7 Wonders of the Digital World” and the theme juxtaposes ancient wonders, such as the pyramids, with new, technological marvels, such as PVRs.

Online gamers are encouraged to play between Mondays and Sundays, and for every 1000 eChips generated are awarded one entry into the draw. Draws take place every Monday and two players are drawn, each winning a R1000 gift voucher from Digital Planet.
With two winners being drawn each week for the duration of the promotion, a total of 14 weekly winners will be in the main prize pool by the end of the promotion. On the 2nd May the final draw will take place, with seven digital masterpieces to be won, which include, amongst others, a laptop, iPod docking station and laptop etc. With 14 weekly winners vying for seven great prizes, the chances are one in two of each player winning something, and you don’t get much better odds than that!

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