Friday, February 17, 2006

Is Online Gaming the Way of the future?

In a world, where technology is changing faster than ever before and we are constantly faced with new and unique ways of relating to the operations and daily activities of our life, demands are being met for better innovation. One such example of this is online gaming. Since it’s inception during the mid 90’s, the growth and popularity of online gambling has sky rocketed at a phenomenal rate. As South African internet usage grows at lightning speed and the technology behind the internet grows simultaneously, there is little doubt that the online industry will continue to expand with little chance of it slowing down anytime in the near future.

While traditional South African land based casinos offer flashier lights and more customer interaction than its online counterpart, it emerges that there are certain benefits from online gaming that traditional land based casino are just not able to offer.

A close study of the leading online gaming pioneer in Southern Africa, Piggs Peak Internet Casino led us to a few of these benefits.

In a land based casino, players are often forced to adapt to the casino’s rules and regulations for conduct. This provides obvious hindrances. Where else could you gamble in your tatty garden clothes, messy hair puffing on a fat Cohiba cigar swigging on a bottle of whisky with your greasy fingers ( greasy from the slap chips you are scoffing down). The fact of the matter is that online gaming provides greater comfort and ease – lets face it, it’s a bit hard to bring your own couch in to the casino. At home you have the benefit of all your creature comforts and should you wish to grab a sandwich in the middle of your action packed casino excitement, no one will steal your machine!

Another issue plaguing Land based casino’s is the issue of safety and privacy. There is a huge problem with Loitering and petty theft in traditional South African Casinos. One also has to worry about having your cash stolen as most winnings occur in the presence of other people as well as your nosey aunt seeing how often you gamble. Gambling Online at casino’s like Piggs Peak Internet Casino affords players no security risks and ultimate privacy.

Payment methods at land based casino’s can be problematic and limiting. Withdrawal of funds can be hindered by daily withdrawal limits and there is admin work that arises when one uses credit cards. Online casino’s accept a host of payment methods and in addition to this ,online casino’s like Piggs Peak afford players the opportunity to electronically view all their withdrawals, payments and winnings. In a land based casino players are often not aware of what they have won or lost.

Anywhere at anytime, whether it’s 2am or 2pm from the comfort of your armchair or from a laptop on top of a mountain, online casino’s can be accessed from any computer with internet access anytime during the day or night

When one looks are real value benefits afforded by online casino’s like 24/7 quality customer support, free bonuses, greater portability, better payouts to players due to lower running cost of a online operation, fantastic promotions, ease and convenience, high quality cutting edge games, the answer to the question is simple “Is online Gaming the Way of the future?” unequivocally – Yes!

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